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Voltage Stabilizer Function & Selection

What is voltage stabilizer? Voltage stabilizer is basically an equipment that stabilizes voltage as its name suggests. The process of stabilization happens by bringing voltage to a desirable level whenever there is any kind of fluctuation in the power system. Therefore we can say that voltage stabilizer is a current regulator used to maintain and control the voltage to produce a constant and continuous flow of current.

The regulator work is always without any breakage or fluctuation. Voltage regulator is an electronic machine which mostly is useful to boost the electric voltage up to the required level.

A voltage stabilizer serves as a boon in such regions as it not only ensures a constant supply of voltage but also prevents the electronic equipment from any damage.

Why voltage stabilizer is required?

All the electronic appliances require constant flow of voltage to pass from an electrical circuit to it for the proper and smooth working of the appliance. Voltage regulator keeps the right amount of current going to all electronic appliances, therefore these are also known as a current regulator. They come in different models with regulators that are available with different capacities to cater to all your needs.

How Voltage Stabilizer Works?

If the output voltage of a regulator is not in the desired range a mechanism switches the tap, to change the transformer to move the voltage in acceptable range. By using electromagnetic regulators that further uses tap changers with auto transformers. It does not give a constant voltage output, but operates the system in a safe voltage range.

How To choose the right voltage stabilizer?

voltage stabilizer

It is important to calculate the load connected to the stabilizer. The sum total of the power consumption for all the appliances that will be connected to the stabilizer will give you the load on stabilizer. They are easily available in any store or any online platform. You do not have to worry about the warranty, customer service, user manual, quality or delivery.

Voltage stabilizers are a cost-efficient source for providing uniform current supply to all electronic equipment. A voltage stabilizer is a reliable and cost-effective solution for the right power supply. If you care about your electronic appliances and want them active and healthy for long, it is necessary for you to opt for installing voltage stabilizers.

Electricity consumption of voltage stabilizers depends on the efficiency of the stabilizer. Typically they are 95-98% efficient. Which means, they consume about 2- 5% of the maximum load.

Most of the there is need of using a voltage stabilizer because the power supply is not coming sufficient or there is lot of fluctuation. In order to safeguard our appliances like TV, fridge, AC we must go for suitable and good brand voltage stabilizers.

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