Cables & Wires Handling Storage and Pulling Method Statement Procedure

To protect cables from physical damage  and the environment, store indoors and protect from  moisture, construction  equipment,  falling objects, chemical spills, moving  vehicles, and other hazards. When the cables are received inspect the protective covering on the cable for evidence of shipment damage. Leave the  factory-applied   protective   cover   in  place   until  …

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Electrical Isolation Switches or Isolators

electrical isolator

Purpose of Isolators is to ensure that an electrical circuit is completely de-energized in order to conduct the service or  maintenance. Isolators are also familiar as isolation switches for isolating the electrical circuits, such switches are often found in electrical power distribution and industrial appliances and other applications, where it is critical that machinery must have its source of driving  power removed for adjustment or repair. High-voltage isolation switches are used in  electrical substations to allow isolation of apparatus such as circuit  breakers, transformers, and transmission  lines, for maintenance. The disconnector switch is  usually not intended for normal control of  the circuit like …

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