Alkaline Battery Evolution Construction & Usage

alkaline battery construction

In new era, alkaline battery is one of the most important and most useful equipment. Normally battery is used where power supply is not regular and where low voltage is required (i.e. lower than supply voltage). Watches, mobiles and many other small equipment’s that require lesser voltage, mainly run on battery. The main advantage …

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Working Principle of Battery

Lead Acid Battery History

If we are willing to understand the basic principle of battery properly, first, we should have some basic concept of electrolytes and electron affinity. Actually, when two dissimilar metals or metallic compounds are immersed in an electrolyte, there will be a potential difference produced between these metals or metallic compounds. Hence causing the …

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Battery History & Evolution

principle of battery

Now a days all of us use some form of batteries i.e. in mobile phones, clocks and toys etc. Battery is a device that converts chemical energy to electrical energy. We shall see more detail about battery history on this page. In our daily life, we generally use two types of batteries, …

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Electric Charge Of Electron

In order to understand the electric charge of electron let us first understand from where the charge comes?  As all of us know that matter is made up of atoms. An atom consists of Proton, Neutrons and Electrons. Proton is having the positive charge, electron is having negative charge and …

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Ampere’s Circuital Law [Explained]

amperes circuiter law long wire

Ampere’s circuital law states that the line integral of magnetic field intensity about any closed path is exactly equal to the direct current enclosed by that path. In the figure below, the integral of H about closed paths a and b gives the total current I, while the integral over …

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