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How to use a Fluke Digital Multimeter

digital multimeter panel

What is a Digital Multimeter? Digital Multimeter also famous as DMM is simply an electronic instrument that measures electrical parameters including AC/DC volts, AC/DC current, resistance. In addition digital multimeter may have a variety of special features that are designed for a wide number of applications like frequency, temperature, capacitance …

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Fluorescent light electronic ballast types function and benefits

How Electronic Ballast Functions

Fluorescent light electronic ballast provides initial high voltage for discharging the gas inside the fluorescent lamps/bulbs. Ballast converts power frequency to very high frequency that initializes gas discharge process by controlling voltage and current through the lamps. There are different types of light ballasts which include electromagnetic, hybrid and electronics. On …

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Battery History & Evolution

principle of battery

Now a days all of us use some form of batteries i.e. in mobile phones, clocks and toys etc. Battery is a device that converts chemical energy to electrical energy. We shall see more detail about battery history on this page. In our daily life, we generally use two types of batteries, …

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