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Electric Current

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How to use a Fluke Digital Multimeter

digital multimeter panel

What is a Digital Multimeter? Digital Multimeter also famous as DMM is simply an electronic instrument that measures electrical parameters including AC/DC volts, AC/DC current, resistance. In addition digital multimeter may have a variety of special features that are designed for a wide number of applications like frequency, temperature, capacitance …

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Star or WYE (Y) Connection

In this method of inter-connection the similar ends either the ‘start’ or ‘finish’ are joined together at point N. This common point N is called star point or neutral point. Ordinarily only three wires are carried to the external circuit giving 3-phase, 3-wire star connected system but sometimes a fourth-wire, …

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Resistance vs Conductance

resistance in parallel circuits

The opposition to flow of electrons (due to bonds between protons and electrons, as well as to collisions) is called a electrical resistance (R). Or Resistance may also be defined as “The property of the electric circuit which opposes the flow of current”. The practical unit of electric resistance is …

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